How It Works

VIVA Teachers is designed to ensure that you have a voice in shaping policies that directly influence what happens in your classroom. 

It’s easy to participate:

Click on the “sign up” tab on the home page. Fill out the brief registration form (don’t worry, only your first name, last initial and what subject you teach will be displayed publicly; the rest of the information is private and will not be shared outside this forum). Once you’ve registered, you will be granted full access to the site.

You can:
1. Post your own idea by clicking on the “share your voice” button and writing your answer to our question. Give your idea a headline and add some tags (tags are keywords that will help other site visitors find your idea more easily, such as “tenure,” “educator evaluation,” and/or other keywords that describe your idea).
2. Comment on someone else’s idea.
3. Vote an idea up or down.
4. Follow an idea. We highly recommend that you click the “follow this idea” button on your own idea and any other ideas that intrigue you. This will ensure you are notified by email each time someone comments on that idea so you can stay in the conversation. If you prefer not to get those emails at school, feel free to register with your personal email account.

What we are asking is simple:

Think about the question. Read ideas by other classroom educators. Add your own comments and ideas. Base them on your real-world experience!

Vote, comment, share your voice. Get involved. Stay involved yourself and bring other  educators into the conversation

Next Steps

Later this Summer, the discussion will close and a VIVA Writing Collaborative will be selected from this online community based on the quality and quantity of participation during the discussion phase. You could become part of this group simply by your strong participation in the discussion. Members of the Writing Collaborative will be asked to assemble a final report containing actionable recommendations based on the best ideas proposed by you and the other participants this online community.

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