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Welcome to the VIVA NEA Idea Exchange on 360° Accountability!


REPORT PRESENTATION by the VIVA Writing Collabrative to NEA Leadership is scheduled for  Monday, December 8 in Washinton DC.



PHASE TWO IS COMPLETE.  Your colleagues - your union brothers and sisters - have completed the NEA VIVA 360° Accountability and Responsibility report.  Recommendations and Solutions from the report will be presented by 16 Writing Collaborative team members to Vice President Becky Pringle and her team in a few weeks.  



Phase two has begun!  Nineteen of your NEA colleagues have accepted the invitation to join the Writing Collaborative.  They are from Florida, two from North Carolina, two from Maryland, Massachusetts, Nebraska, Mississippi, Oklahoma, Colorado, Wyoming, Arizona, two from Oregon, two from Washington, two from California, and Hawaii.  They are "deep in the data" and organizing your Ideas into themes.



Phase one - sharing ideas with NEA colleagues across the country - has ended.  We appreciate your participation.  Feel free to spend time on the site reading the Ideas and Comments of your colleagues.  Phase two has begun.  Thought Leaders will be notified and invited to join the Writing Collaborative.  



It was a BUSY weekend with over 150 new educators joining the Idea Exchange and over 80 new Ideas posted.  The Thought Leaders are being identified and will be invited this week to join the Writing Collaborative.

MANY MANY provocative thoughts, ideas, and comments!  Thank you EVERYONE for speaking out.  And equally important, THANK YOU for everything you do EVERYDAY for students!



STEP 2 - organizing the Writing Collaborative - a team which will synthesize the hundreds of IDEAS and COMMENTS into a REPORT is beginning.  The Writing Collaborative will be notified next Monday (October 20).  So in the meantime, PARTICIPATE.  Let your voices be heard.  Remember that VOTING for an Idea is also a way to participate.



STEP 1 is WELL UNDER WAY!  Congratulations, you are part of what may be the largest educator conversation discussing these topics.  These topics are citical to building a strong education system for ALL our children.  Keep engaging.  Be thoughtful, respectful, and solution-driven.  Educators are the solution for any challenges in our education system.  


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I am Elaine Romero, your moderator. Thank you for joining our project to bring NEA member voice to the front of the discussion on full circle student accountability, educator support, responsibility, and resources.

How the VIVA Idea Exchange™ Works

STEP 1: National Education Association members across the country share their ideas about the full scope of student accountability and educator evaluation.

STEP 2: Active and engaged conversation leaders are invited to join a Writing Collaborative to synthesize the ideas into a recommendations report.

STEP 3: Members of the Writing Collaborative meet together with NEA Vice President Becky Pringle and NEA Secretary-Treasurer Princess Moss and NEA senior staff to discuss recommendations.


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